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“As organization and management scientists and as human beings we have a responsibility to take action on climate change. OS4future is an important movement that connects people and offers a welcomed platform for exchange and initiatives.”

— Frank de Bakker, IESEG School of Management

“Now is the time to act – we really can’t afford to waste another decade.”

— Maria Helena Cruz de Carvalho

“When I will be looking back to today as a professor in 2050, I want to say that initiatives like #OS4future enabled me to contribute to positive climate action by doing and being at work.”

— Dennis West, Oxford University

“The most important issue of our times!”

— Paul Adler, University of Southern California

“Great initiative! More to come!”

— Itziar Castelló, Surrey Business School

“Academic scholars must bring their work into the real world to solve issues like climate change. And they must bring the real world into the academy to revitalize our work. ”

— Andy Hoffman, University of Michigan

“Those are small but feasible steps that everyone who have possibility should take. With the time it will make a difference globally. Take-away would be: start small, but start. Everything takes time, but good seeds will survive.”

— Biljana Veselinov, Fraunhofer Italia

“I reckon it is about time…”

— Jonathan Feddersen, Copenhagen Business School

“Pleased to be part of this most needed initiative!”

— Lianne Lefsrud, University of Alberta

“It’s a question of survival, existence, freedom and franchise. Of all known creations on this beautiful planet. If we possess the level of intellectual prowess as we claim we do as a species – it is our sacred responsibility to put all our efforts together to first protect and preserve what we have left and then to engineer our way back to a state where all species and support systems come to a balanced equilibrium.”

— Syed Muntasir, University of Oxford

“Exciting to learn about, and hopefully contribute to, prioritizing the well-being of EARTH and its inhabitants in research, in business and all forms of organizing.”

— Marylin Poon, University of Innsbruck

“Important and inspiring! A message that needs to be heard.”

— Mia Raynard, WU Vienna

“Proud to have the opportunity to know one of you . I support your commitment to be able to answer to my grand daughter in 2050. Thanks a lot and congratulations.”

— Jean-Claude Castanier, Independent Consultant in Health Economics

“As social scientists, management researchers must walk together with climate science researchers to try to solve this grand challenge. Climate change is not a future issue, it is a current issue.”

— Jose F. Molina-Azorin, University of Alicante

“Let’s take the COVID-19 pandemic as an invitation to envision our world and its challenges differently, expand our imagination, and come up creatively and collectively with new solutions. The OS4Future is a fantastic and necessary step to construct this new vision. I am more than convinced that organization scholars have a role to play in these changes. Thank you very much and well done!”

— Laure Lelasseux, HEC Paris

*Endorsers express support for the mission and action statement of OS4future.

  • They receive updates from our network.
  • They may provide information, research insights and resources to be shared with our community.
  • They may spread the word or write a story about their work on climate action in their research, teaching, consulting or how they strive for walking the talk in their institutions, organizations, communities or private households.
  • They may stream conference videos on our facebook page.

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