EGOS by Train 2022

Let’s take the train to Vienna!

EGOS 2022 will take place in Vienna! We will organize EGOS by train initiatives from various hubs in Europe. For example, our members will organize train initiatives from Paris, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, Hamburg and Berlin to Vienna. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and like-minded people while enjoying a relaxed and low-carbon ride to Vienna. For those interested in discussing their research projects on the train, we will organize small PDWs on the way to Vienna (stay tuned for more information). Sign-up in this document* if you are interested in joining an EGOS by Train initiative from one of the above-mentioned cities.

*You can request the document password here.

Are you interested in organizing an EGOS by Train initiative from another city? That’s great! You can add a location, date, and time to the document*. Others may join you on the journey to Vienna. We would expect EGOS by train organizers to collect names of people traveling from a specific hub, communicate the train times, and (if possible) reserve seats that people can sit together on the train.

Photo by Albin Berlin on

The OS4Future Movement started in 2019 with the pledge to reach the location of EGOS 2019 by train, coach, bike or another low-carbon alternative to flying. The full pledge can be found here.

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