The #SailingEGOS Experiment – Call for interest

Let’s sail to Cagliari!

Photo by Giuseppe Delmestri (from a cliff in Cagliari)

Organized by Manuel Castriotta (Cagliari U.), Giuseppe Delmestri (WU Vienna), Malek Elmi (Cagliari U.), Barbara Kump (Twente U.), Luigi Moschera (Parthenope U.), Renate Ortlieb (Graz U.)

EGOS 2023 will take place in Cagliari, Sardinia! We – and our network – are coordinating EGOSbyTrain&Boat initiatives from various hubs in Europe to make the travel more sustainable, even if an island has to be reached. For instance, Civitavecchia or Napoli on mainland Italy can be reached by high-speed train, and from there night ships can be boarded to Cagliari.

#SailingEGOS (under the academic patronage of the University of Cagliari) is an additional, smaller, symbolic initiative that seeks to minimize even further the carbon footprint of conference attendance and, at the same time, increase its “mindprint”. The time needed to travel to Cagliari from Napoli will allow academic sailors (from first-timers to experts) to engage in structured and unstructured conversations under the blue sky and night stars. What will this academic experiment bring about? With the desired combination of earlier and more senior scholars, we anticipate that new research ideas will emerge and possibly new collaborations. For those choosing to sail back to the mainland, the trip will offer the possibility of exchanging and deepening the insights accumulated over the previous days. We aim for a diverse set of participants and will apply the diversity and anti-harassment policy of EGOS.

As we need to book the boat(s) for two weeks we are considering the following options that will impact the overall costs:

  1. One-way: Direct trip to Cagliari before EGOS (approx. 2/3 days from Friday 30th June or Saturday 1st July depending on weather and agreed upon stops on the way), the boats serving as your hotel room during the Colloquium; you leave with other means after the conference and the skipper(s) brings the boat(s) back to Napoli;
  2. Return-trip: Sail back to Napoli starting on the Sunday after EGOS. On the way back, we visit beautiful beaches along the Eastern Sardinian coast, arriving in Napoli on the 14th or 15th July. During the return trip we can organize debriefings of the academic experience but the focus will be on the “good life” (the theme of Cagliari’s Colloquium).

As we want to organize one or two sailing boats with about 8 participants each, we need first to know how many of you could be interested based on the above and the following information:

  • Estimated cost per person for booking the ship for two weeks to be split among the participants depending on the number of participants and the boat model: about € 90-130 per day plus food, beverages and some fuel (depending on the wind conditions)
  • Latest arrival in Cagliari on time for the doctoral consortium on Tuesday
  • The sailing harbor in Cagliari is located close to the venue
  • The sailing harbor has showers and toilet facilities
  • As this is an#OS4Future initiative we expect that participants agree with our mission and reach Napoli using, when possible, sustainable transportation as train or bus. Colleagues from remote or non-European places can for instance try avoiding connecting flights.
  • Please also read the rules of conduct below (On Board) and consider that sailing can be a rough experience with few comforts on the boats (e.g., no air conditioning)

We will schedule an online call with all those interested to answer your questions.

Please fill in this form indicating your preferred options. For additional information please contact Manuel Castriotta (manuelcastriotta@gmail.com) or any of us. 

Rules on board 

  • When you’re sailing with a skipper, always listen to what they have to say. Most skippers are very relaxed, however, if maritime weather conditions need it, to guarantee the safety of everyone on board, all crew members must follow the captain’s instructions and directives. So listen up and help out when needed. 
  • Duties – Everyone on board should have their own equal share of duties. Make sure everyone knows their tasks and how to complete them, may they be handling lines or preparing lunch. 
  • Packing – only bring the minimum amount of items and always pack them in a soft duffel bag. There is limited room on board, so the fewer things you bring the better. Sailing requires ‘lightness.’ Before you set sail, leave your “weights” behind. 
  • You will be informed about the rules of the yacht before you depart.  These may include appropriate behaviour, smoking, drinking, noise pollution and many more. 
  • Safety and emergency procedures will be be discussed. These usually include things like docking and undocking, fuelling procedures, radio usage, wearing of lifejackets etc. 
  • Keep everything in its place! You’ll be coexisting in small quarters on a yacht, so do your best to keep things tidy and out of the way. Don’t leave cups hanging around, don’t leave wet towels or cushions on the floor, and don’t bring sand onto the deck. 
  • Living in small quarters means sharing – everything. Be sure to discuss the sharing of washing and toilet facilities, the kitchen and general spatial awareness. Always be considerate of others. 
  • Water conservation is a big one. Saving water on a yacht is important, as there is limited fresh water for drinking, cooking and washing, so make sure you discuss water usage with your crew. 

With these tips for super sailing etiquette, you should be all set to raise the anchor and hoist the sails – now all you need is the boat!

(source: https://www.zizoo.com/en/m/sailing-etiquette-how-to-behave-on-a-boat/)

The OS4Future Movement started in 2019 with the pledge to reach the location of EGOS 2019 by train, coach, bike or another low-carbon alternative to flying. The full pledge can be found here.

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