OS4F Action Statement

As organization scientists and management scholars, we acknowledge the need to take immediate action on the current climate crisis which is the most pressing and overarching environmental threat facing humanity. We seek to inspire fellow academics, business and political leaders, students and citizens to act now to mitigate the adverse consequences of the climate crisis. We are parents, children, brothers or sisters who wish to preserve a livable planet for human beings. To reach that objective, we need to stop “decoupling” our talk from our actions.

We understand that current structural and cultural barriers lead individuals and organizations to continue our routines and engage at best in incremental piecemeal change. We embrace our responsibility as social scientists to raise awareness, lead by example and help individuals, the organizations we study and collaborate with and the institutions to which we belong, to change their behavior and functionings. We do this on four dimensions through research, teaching, consulting, and leading by example:

1. Our scholarly community focuses on climate action and crosses all major business functions; strategy, marketing, human resources, organizational behavior, finance, logistics, and information systems.

2. We integrate climate research insights into our teaching and prepare students to lead the change and make informed decisions in their individual and organizational roles.

3. We work with a variety of business, political and civil society organizations to effectively tackle climate change.

4. We walk the talk and apply climate conservation in our own institutions, organizations, communities and private households.

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